As a not-for-profit initiative, GT1588 appreciates your support. If you like what we’re doing, you can make a real difference to our work in the following ways:


Shop until you drop  This is the simplest and most direct way to show your support. And remember, all proceeds from book and print sales are reinvested in future projects. Visit the shop.

Become a Friend of Sikh Heritage If lots of our friends all donate just a little, regularly, we can deliver even more great content for everybody to enjoy. Sign up for regular giving (coming soon).

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Events, my dear, events  We would love to meet you at our future events such as exhibitions, performances, presentations or talks. Come and learn more about what interests you whilst meeting like-minded people.

Spread the word  If you like what you see, be a champion for us and tell your friends and family about us.

Donate useful kit  If you run a print business, or retail computers or video/photographic equipment, you can help us with our production and equipment costs.

Time on your hands?  Volunteering your time is a great way to help us to deliver our projects at the sharp end. Whether you are a student with time free over the summer (and want a reference from an established publishing house) or can give up a few hours of time on an ongoing basis, contact us to discuss the opportunities.

Old but gold  If you have anything old and Sikh-related that you can’t look after or want to share with the world (e.g. photographs, paintings, drawings, books, manuscripts, letters, postcards, maps, coins, newspapers, archive film footage and early recordings), then let us know and we’ll arrange collection, storage, conservation and research so that it can be enjoyed by a global audience for generations to come. Contact us with details.

Calling all connoisseurs  We are always looking to meet collectors of Sikh art and heritage so that we can showcase your objects in future exhibitions and publications. Contact us with details.

Share your knowledge  We are always on the lookout for expert contributors, both professional and amateur, so if you are passionate and willing to share, contact us.

Taking it to the next level  Show your generosity and really help us make a difference by sponsoring specific projects. If you’re interested, please contact us now.

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