Question Time

Launch of the Golden Temple book

Our first outing since the summer exhibition was on Friday 14th at the Nehru Centre in London’s Mayfair.

We were launching our new book on the Golden Temple as part of the DSC South Asian Literature Festival.

We also had the chance to present some of the amazing highlights from the exhibition at this festival, namely Bhai Chand and our almost lost rababi tradition, as well as Nidar Singh Nihang presenting our almost extinct swordsmanship tradition.

We also tried something new, the panel discussion format, which worked well; the audience enjoyed the chance to put our experts on the spot and we were honoured to have Sathnam Sanghera, award-winning journalist and columnist for The Times, join us for the occasion.

This is all part of our mission, to showcase the very best of Sikh and Punjabi culture before a diverse audience, Sikh and non-Sikh alike.

If you didn’t make it to the festival, keep up to date with our latest events here on this blog or via our facebook page: facebook/gt1588.

If you are thinking of pre-ordering the book, it’s really more than just a book: nearly 500 of the rarest images, over 70 eye-witness accounts, the history of Amritsar and the Temple, a timeline, maps and more.

Secure your copy now at Kashi House

All proceeds go to funding future projects so please tell your friends and family too.

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