Launch party fascinates all

The launch party for the Golden Temple Exhibition was a fantastic success, attracting high profile names from the Sikh community and the national press.








Find out more information about the exhibition and the Golden Temple of Amritsar

6 Comments on "Launch party fascinates all"

  1. Amazing to see such mind blowing images of GT, congrats on a great exhibition and doing something so long over due! Looking forward to the talks this Sunday

  2. Nick Panesar says:

    Im heading to the exhibition next weekend from Birmingham. Looking forward to it.

  3. Avtaar Singh says:

    You have done a marvless job by collecting and serving the Sikh Community. May Waheguru Jee give you more intrest spirit and energy to serve more to the community.
    Waheguru bless all like you who serve selfless service.
    Avtaar Singh
    PA. ( USA )
    Chief Editor++++++++++++++++

  4. Parm Dhanoa says:

    A wonderful exhibition and tribute not only to the Harmandir Sahib itself, but also the artistic, cultural and historical influence that this iconic building has inspired.

    We should feel gratitude to the organisers who have spent their considerable time and energy in keeping this part of Sikh and Indian history alive for us and our children. Thank you to Parmjit, Juga and all involved at UKPHA.

  5. Shubjiwan Kaur Ghotra says:

    Upon entering, one is immediately taken aback by the sheer excellence and professionalism of the exhibition. It is evident to see that the passion and enthusiasm that the curators of the exhibition have has been coherently displayed through the bountiful walls rich of historic artefacts that anecdote the journey of Harmandir Sahib and one can’t help but smile.

    The exhibition is clear to follow and whilst meandering through, the distinct aura of the Golden Temple is unmistakable. The openness and acceptance of the exhibition mirrors the openness and acceptance of Harmandir Sahib.
    The exhibition captures the essence of Sikhi, which I must say allowed me to immediately feel at home. It encourages the very basic beliefs of what a true Sikh stands for; that we are the religion of humanity and except all regardless of creed, colour, disability, caste, gender or race. Anecdotes from people of all backgrounds from various time periods are flaunted from corner to corner of the exhibition; images that have the bewildering ability to leave one breathless in a mere glimpse saturate the room; passion overflows and humility overwhelms the on-lookers. Few exhibitions have the power to evoke such an array of emotion.

    There is no denying the time and dedication that has gone into creating this masterpiece and I urge all, those of the Sikh faith and those of others, go and appreciate the rare beauty that has been captured for all to see, but hey, don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself.

  6. Sucha Soorma says:

    Did anyone tell “Jazzy B” what the exhibition was about before he arrived. Surely he could have dressed slightly more appropriately.

    Great job by the photgrapher who managed to capture a true representation of how we have clearly lost our heritage. Highlighted (excuse the pun) by Jazzy B stood in front of a great picture of our fore-fathers dressed in true regalia.

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