Reflections on a Book

Guru Kaur reviews book on Golden Temple

Check out this heartfelt review of our latest book, The Golden Temple of Amritsar: Reflections of the Past (1808 – 1959), by the inimitable Guru Kaur.

Having pre-sold most of the print run we’ve only got limited stock left, so secure your copy now.

Question Time

Launch of the Golden Temple book

Our first outing since the summer exhibition was on Friday 14th at the Nehru Centre in London’s Mayfair.

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The Last Sikh Warrior – BBC World Service


The Last Sikh Warrior

Don’t miss this extraordinary documentary, to be broadcast as part of the Heart & Soul series on the BBC World Service at 1230 (GMT) on Saturday October 29th 2011 (Repeated on Sunday 30th and Monday 31st).

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Bhai Chand UK Tour Details


The Musical Lineage of Bhai Mardana

One of the last great rababis, Bhai Ghulam Muhammad Chand is part of a musical tradition that dates back to Bhai Mardana, lifelong Muslim companion of Guru Nanak.

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Our Next Outing


Did you miss out on the exhibition? Are you interested in the amazing book that accompanied the event?

Do you want another chance to see Nidar Singh Nihang’s demonstration of the Sikh warrior tradition or Bhai Chand’s exposition of the rababi tradition?

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Sun Sets On The Golden Temple

Bhai Chand at the Golden Temple exhibition

A Review by Jagjit Klar

Yesterday, after a run of 73 days during which an estimated 20 000 visitors passed through its doors, the curtain fell on UKPHA’s The Golden Temple Exhibition.

The closing finale was a special Sunday symposium, in addition to the previous five, where Bhai Ghulam Muhammad Chand, one of the last Muslim rababis to perform at the Golden Temple, and Humble The Poet, a spoken word artist from Toronto, Canada delivered a traditional and contemporary tour de force to the event’s remarkably diverse audience. Sunday also saw the return to the Brunei Gallery of Nidar Singh and his Nihangs, once again giving the public what they demand (they just can’t seem to get enough of him in these parts)!

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21,650 visitors to the Golden Tempe exhibition

It’s official -  21,650 visitors to the Golden Tempe exhibition made it the gallery’s busiest event for over a decade.

It was only the second ever major Sikh exhibition (After the V&A’s 1999 ‘Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms’) and it proved to be a worthy successor:

* Showcasing 80 of the finest and rarest artefacts of Sikh and Golden Temple history for the first time

* The Brunei Gallery’s busiest exhibition in a decade and their third most popular ever!

* Hundreds of guided tours, giving an in-depth look at the stories behind the objects & images

* Five Sunday Symposiums with world class speakers and performers from around the globe, offering the opportunity to question and learn from the best.

Thank you for everyone who attended and hope to see you at our next event!

Can I Interest You in a Book or Print?

Volunteers at the Golden Temple exhibition

As a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, we are very grateful for the help of our young student volunteers. Here’s two of them, Gurmehar and Amrit, manning our book and print stall. If you want to support our work, the first option is to buy one of our fantastic books!

If you can’t come to the exhibition, you can also get them online:

Alright At the Back?

A guided tour at the Golden Temple exhibition

The guided tour groups are getting bigger and bigger!

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Sikhs In The City

City Sikhs Network at the Golden Temple exhibition

The Golden Temple exhibition team were pleased to welcome the City Sikhs Network along for a Q&A session and a guided tour.