Celebrating Sikh Women


An extraordinary image of the Golden Temple of Amritsar from a century ago sheds much needed light on the virtually hidden history of Sikh women, says author and historian Parmjit Singh

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America’s Love Affair with Amritsar (Part 2)

The Golden Temple of Amritsar in Black and White

In this second article highlighting the earliest Americans to visit the Golden Temple, Parmjit Singh uses images and extracts from his latest book to recount the intrepid 19th-century New Yorker who was mesmerised by the shrine’s beauty

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The Maharaja, the Spy & the Temple of Gold


Amandeep Madra investigates the earliest known outsider’s account of the Sikhs’ most holy shrine, written by a one-legged British officer on a spying mission across Punjab

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Reflecting on the Design Mantra

The Golden Temple Experience in a Book

Juga Singh, the designer of The Golden Temple of Amritsar: Reflections of the Past (1808-1959), reflects on the design journey he undertook trying to do justice to the Golden Temple through the language of book design

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Le Golden Temple in Glorious Technicolour


Parmjit Singh reveals how the earliest true colour photographs of the Golden Temple were discovered in the collection of a pioneering Frenchman who was inspired by the power of photography 100 years ago

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America’s Love Affair with Amritsar (Part 1)


Reflecting on President Obama’s controversial no-show at the Golden Temple of Amritsar in 2010, Parmjit Singh’s three-part article looks back into the past to reveal the very first Americans to visit the Sikhs’ premier shrine

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