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The National Army Museum, Chelsea are hosting a poll to help determine Britian’s Greatest Battle. 20 worthy engagements including a battle fought with the Sikhs at Aliwal are up in competition for your votes!

Your vote will help decide the top five battles represented at the museums all-day speaker event. On the day, five distinguished guests will battle out in discussion what makes each of these five conflicts a worthy winner. This day of debate will finally determine which is Britain’s Greatest Battle.

Fought on 28 January 1846 during the First Sikh War (1845-46), a British-Indian force led by Sir Henry Smith battled against the Sikh army of Ranjodh Singh Majithia, in a battle that is regarded as the turning point of the First Anglo-Sikh War.

The Sikh army was probably the most formidable opponent the British faced on the sub-continent. So get your votes for our campaign to victory to get Aliwal battled-out in a national museum!

Currently Aliwal sits in position 20 with only 25 votes, but with your campainging spirit we can help Aliwal get within the top five!

Simply visit, click the banner ‘Britain’s Greatest Battle’ then click Login/Register to vote online!

Voting open until this wednesday 20th March.

1. To vote, follow the link:


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