Fantastic, Actually

Asangha from London thought the exhibition was fantastic and enjoyed learning about the more subtle cultural aspects of the Sikh faith:


Oh Canada

Eight year old Dev Sandhu explains that she has never seen anything like the golden Temple exhibition in Canada. Oh, and she really liked the swords because they were big and sharp…!

125 000 Descend On The Brunei Gallery

125,000 at the Golden Temple exhibition

A review by Jagjit Klar.

How does the ordinary man become the warrior? What enables the sparrow to hunt the hawk? What turns flesh and bone into iron and steel?

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You Do Not Want To Do That

Swordplay at the Golden Temple Exhibition

Nidar Singh Nihang demostrates how to intercept a powerful overhand stabbing blow.

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Time For a Break!


Our thanks to Gupy, a brave maths teacher in a secondary school in Wolverhampton, for participating in last Sunday’s symposium ‘Abode of Wariors’.

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Gupy Loses His Head

Shastar vidya at the Golden Temple exhibition

Attendees to this Sunday’s ‘Abode of Warriors’ symposium were treated to action-packed live demonstrations by the last Sikh master swordsman, Nidar Singh Nihang. In this image he decapitates one foe whilst moving to misalign the attack of another.

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BBC – Brilliant Bigtime Coverage!

BBC coverage of the Golden Temple exhibition

Thank you the BBC – all those thousands paid in license fees over the years have now been vindicated!

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A Leeds Supporter

Indarjit Singh & family came all the way down from sunny Leeds for a Golden Temple experience like no other. Here’s what they had to say:

El Presidente Speaks

President of Surrey Uni Sikh Soc at the Golden Temple exhibition

A review by Shubjiwan Kaur Gotra

Upon entering, one is immediately taken aback by the sheer excellence and professionalism of the exhibition.

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New York, New York

Ivan & Tanya, who originally hail from the Big Apple but now live in London, had this to say about the Golden Temple exhibition:

Review #1: Golden Temple Exhibition (18/08/11) from GT1588 on Vimeo.

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