BBC – Brilliant Bigtime Coverage!

BBC coverage of the Golden Temple exhibition

Thank you the BBC – all those thousands paid in license fees over the years have now been vindicated!

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A Leeds Supporter

Indarjit Singh & family came all the way down from sunny Leeds for a Golden Temple experience like no other. Here’s what they had to say:

El Presidente Speaks

President of Surrey Uni Sikh Soc at the Golden Temple exhibition

A review by Shubjiwan Kaur Gotra

Upon entering, one is immediately taken aback by the sheer excellence and professionalism of the exhibition.

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New York, New York

Ivan & Tanya, who originally hail from the Big Apple but now live in London, had this to say about the Golden Temple exhibition:

Review #1: Golden Temple Exhibition (18/08/11) from GT1588 on Vimeo.

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Once Were Warriors


Younger visitors to the exhibition have been putting on their armour and reenacting the role of defenders of the Golden Temple. Read on to see if anyone you know has shown us their mettle!

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Very Sony TV – Don’t Miss It!

Sukshinder Shinda at the Golden Temple Exhibition

We have had tremendous media coverage already but this week, we are pleased to announce that Sony TV Asia will be broadcasting its own coverage of our launch of the exhibition.

This week’s episode of Zone (the Golden Temple episode) will be free to view for all Sky customers on channel 782 (SET Asia). Timings are: Friday 19th 7.30pm-8pm and Saturday 20th (repeat) 7pm-8pm.

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Thou art Creative!

Kids Corner drawings at the Golden Temple Exhibition

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Last of the Rababis


The rababi tradition within Sikhism is associated with the first rababi, Bhai Mardana, a Muslim musician who had been a virtual lifelong companion of Guru Nanak throughout his epic travels. Remarkably, the tradition actually survived within the Golden Temple until relatively recently and now visitors to the amazing Golden Temple exhibiton in London will get the chance to meet one of the last of the rababis, who is flying in especially from Lahore.

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Hidden Histories Revealed


The two publications available at the Golden Temple exhibition focus on the first and last takhts (thrones of spiritual and temporal authority) of the Sikhs.

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Who Knew?!

Learn Something New at the Golden Temple Exhibition

The exhibition and the book that accompanies it are the culmination of years of research and study into the Golden Temple and its hidden history and traditions.

If you thought you knew all there was to know about this iconic building, think again. Read more…