Thank You 002, Order Confirmed

Jagjit Ranouta, 002

Our thanks to Jagjit Ranouta, one of our fans who is so passionate about our work that he purchased the Special Edition of our new book The Golden Temple of Amritsar: Reflections of the Past (1808-1959) within minutes of it being released for sale on our website!

Here’s Jagjit explaining, in his own words, why he wanted to support us in this way, to help us deliver more special projects like this one:

I had placed an order for 2 copies of the Golden Temple book back in early August 2011, before even visiting the exhibition in London.  The book looked amazing…Just from looking at the cover itself!  I had a feeling that the quality of content inside would match the quality of cover shown.  I was right, but more on that later…

After having visited the exhibition quite a few times, I was very much looking forward to the book arriving.  Fast forward to 17th January, and the book landed on my desk!  Just like a little kid getting his presents at Christmas, I tore into the packaging and froze when I saw the book.  It was a sight to behold!  The colour of the cover, the gold shimmering off the white, the embossed Darshani Deohri design, the Golden Temple Motif on the outer cover, the Ek Onkar in the inner cover.  All left me speechless.  I took about 10 minutes just looking at every detail of the cover!  Simple, yet exquisite in every detail. Just like the Golden Temple itself.

I didn’t have much time to go through the content inside as I was at work and couldn’t spend the whole day going through the book (even though I wanted to do just that!). So I briefly gave it a quick scan then left the book on my desk, and carried on with the rest of my working day.  Throughout the day, a few people passing my desk stopped in their tracks and wandered over.  Not to talk to me, but to look at the book!  It was so eye catching that by the end of the day, almost everyone from my office had come over, looked at the book, opened it up and scanned through the images.  Each and every one of them said that they had never seen a book like this and that it was definitely something special.  I fully agree.

I haven’t been able to put the book down!  It is wonderfully put together, and a sight to behold.  The eyewitness accounts are interesting and paint a very vivid picture that you can almost visualise!  Just makes me want to go back to Amritsar and explore the complex through the thoughts and views that these people wrote about. Very moving indeed.

Likewise with the treasure chest of images that follow.  Each image tells a tale.  Each image carries with it its own history. Each image invokes great emotion, joy and sorrow within…

Emotion to go and see each and every detail from the pictures in person.  Joy to behold our precious history in one’s own hands.  And sorrow to know that a lot of the surrounding complex has been ‘beautified’ and we will never be able to experience the complex as it once was, in all of its glory.

This book deserves to be treated with respect.  I wish the whole team behind this book many congratulations.  You are all beyond praise!

I did see on the website that a special edition of the book was going to be released.  As soon as it was available to order, I didn’t think twice and ordered it in a flash!  Safe in the knowledge that the proceeds will be put towards future book releases (WE WANT WARRIOR SAINTS!).

Going by the standard set by this book (and previous publications), any future publications will most definitely be better, that is for sure!

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